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So, what’s your (brand) story?

With ever more competitors, and customers with diminishing attention spans, it’s never been so important to grab attention – and hold it. To do this, you must start with your brand.   

Crafting your brand story is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It’s what allows you to be recognised and remembered.

At SO Design our focus is on discovering your unique story and shaping it into a brand your customers love. Creating a consistent brand across all mediums, we help you build trust and credibility with your customers and spark those instantaneous connections.

Business Cards, graphic design, Masterton
Millars Electrical Contractors

Business Cards

Car branding, brand design, Masterton
Millars Electrical Contrators

Car Graphics

Brand development to make your business shine

SO Design helps clients that are either launching a new brand or looking for a brand refresh. That might mean designing an original logo, brand marketing material or creating a distinct branding style guide.

For those starting from scratch, we’ll start by getting to know you. Finding out your likes and dislikes, who your target audience is and then tailoring the logo and brand design to suit both.

For a brand refresh, we’ll inject a whole lot of life and vibrancy into your brand. Think modern colours, fresh imagery and a look at all the elements of your brand story with a new perspective. The look we devise will then be rolled out across all different mediums and social platforms.

brochures, brand design, Masterton
Rosewood Funeral Home

Brand re-fresh

newsletters, graphic design, Masterton
Healthcare of New Zealand

Realise Rehabilitation brand

brand design, graphic design, Masterton
Mebus Estate Branding

Wine labels

Brand design that works for you

Our design and brand development services are adapted to each business, their individual needs, budget and the customers they want to engage.

We can take care of as much or as little of a project as needed. For many clients, we manage the whole thing, considering every detail and sourcing suppliers and creatives – from signage to printing, photography to copywriting.

Our design flexibility and selection of trusted suppliers means we’ll never fit you in a box; we’ll fit the box around you.

Let’s work together to create a brand design you and your customers love

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